What We Do

As an urban planning consultancy, our practice areas include statutory planning, physical planning and property valuations. Additionally we also provide building and construction services. Ngoti Development Consultants is able to build and construct residential and commercial property such as houses, residential flats, townhouses, office blocks, production plants and processing plants.

Our Full Range Of Services

Statutory Planning

This includes doing townships SDF, LUMS, Master, Sector planning and Precinct planning. We identify and explore potential developments whilst coordinating & securing development opportunity. We specialise in management and project implementation

Physical Planning

This includes;

  • Building design and layout plans for any orientated concept or development proposal
  • Extension of township boundaries
  • Formalisation of existing informal settlements
  • Optimising use of infrastructure and amenities
  • Obtaining of Business Rights on Agricultural Land
  • Rezoning Applications that ensure optimum use of property
  • Subdivisions and Consolidations Applications and
  • Township Establishment Applications.


Our valuations services include movable and immovable valuations by a very experienced valuations team. Our Professional Valuers, all with no restrictions, have been involved in various projects.

The team’s experience includes the following:

  • General Valuation Rolls for all sectors including specialised properties
  • Property Valuation
  • Municipal Valuation Objections
  • Section 53 Reasons
  • Section 52 Compulsory
  • Reviews
  • Supplementary Valuation Rolls for all sectors including specialised properties
  • Project Management

and knowledge of different;

Valuation Methods

  • Income Capitalised Method
  • Discounted Cash flow Method
  • Comparable Sales Method
  • Depreciated Replacement Costs Method
  • Accounts Method
  • Residual Method

Valuation Purposes

  • Market and insurance value for mortgage purposes
  • Rental determinations for new lease agreements and financial statement purposes
  • Divorce and bankruptcy cases
  • Expropriation purposes and compensation
  • Feasibility studies and property advice

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